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Child Custody Visitation Agreement

Fredericksburg Family Law Child Custody Visitation

Protecting Your Children In The Divorce Process

At Shawna L Stevens PLLC in Fredericksburg, our child custody attorneys understand the challenges you face to protect your children during the divorce process. We work personally with clients throughout Stafford County, Virginia, in all aspects of custody and visitation and other divorce-related matters. We will help you create a personally tailored parenting plan that will protect your interests and your child’s interests and help you maintain the essential family relationships for years to come.Any parenting plan needs to be approved by the court using the best interests of the child standard. There are a number of factors involved in this determination. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this regard. We will explain your rights and options, and help you protect your child in the divorce process.

Settlement Agreements

Whenever possible, we try to work out parenting plans through settlement agreements rather than litigation. In general, this approach allows separating parties to maintain more control over the process and come up with a plan that is more nuanced for their particular family needs. Further, working out a parenting plan in a separation agreement is generally more efficient, cost-effective, private and amicable than traditional litigation.

We can help you work out a parenting plan in a settlement agreement that will be favorable to you and your child while also gaining approval from the court.


Since divorce-related issues involving children bring up strong emotions for parents, these issues are often too contentious to resolve in a separation agreement. With decades of combined experience in divorce litigation, we take a focused, results-oriented approach to Child Custody Visitation matters.

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