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Equitable Child Support Determinations

In some divorce cases and situations involving unmarried parents, child support is ordered to provide for the needs of children. Your case may involve child support, and you may have questions about whether you may ordered to pay or receive support. The Fredericksburg Family Law attorneys of Shawna L. Stevens PLLC know Virginia family law, and we know what our clients go through in dealing with the challenges of divorce. We can assist you in addressing all aspects of your family law matter. We can review your case and explain how Virginia child support guidelines apply to your situation.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In Virginia, child support is determined through statutory guidelines. In general, a court will consider custody and visitation arrangements, both parents’ incomes and other factors in making a determination about support. In some cases, deviation from these guidelines is possible.

Whatever your case involves, it is important to obtain thorough legal advice about what will happen — so you can plan, prepare and be your best for your children. Our attorneys can assist you in protecting your rights and making sure your children’s needs are provided for.

What If My Circumstances Have Changed?

If there has been a significant change in your income, your expenses or your child’s needs, you may be able to petition a court to modify your original support order, whether it was part of a divorce or not. This is referred to as a modification.

Virginia law allows for child support modification based on a “material change in circumstances.” Our firm has helped many clients adjust their support payments to fit their circumstances. Our lawyers can advise regarding modification if it is possible in your case.

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